Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Improvements in SharePoint 2010 from the Business Perspective - Part 1

As a consultant, a lot of time one question is asked from us. What are the improvements in SharePoint 2010 from the Business Perspective? Also someone asked me the same question on a forum as well. So I decided to write a post on it. Here are some of the improvements in SharePoint 2010 from the Business perspective.

Ribbon User Interface

SharePoint 2010 features the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, including the ribbon user interface. The SharePoint Ribbon user interface offers an extensible, seamless, and familiar user experience across client and server applications.

Easy Web Editing

Sites in SharePoint 2010 contain the same list and libraries as previous version of SharePoint, but the site is now a collection of pages. Because SharePoint sites focus more on pages than collections of lists, user can better control sites. User can also easily work together to change existing pages with wiki technology in SharePoint 2010 team site pages. To edit content on a page, user can simply click the Edit tab type on the page. To enhance content, people can embed Web Parts, media files, and SharePoint lists in the page with a single click.

Cross-Browser Support

SharePoint 2010 now supports not only Microsoft Internet Explorer, but also Firefox and Safari. With any of these browsers, user can view and edit sites, and work with content effectively with a high-quality experience.

Improved Mobile Experience

SharePoint 2010 now offers support for multiple micro-browsers, helping more users to work together while using mobile devices. Users can view and edit Office documents, browse SharePoint document libraries, and search for content and people.

Stay Connected (receive alerts on you cell phone)

SharePoint 2010 list and libraries now allow you to receive text messages to your phone when you subscribe to an alert.

Work Online or Offline

SharePoint Workspace 2010 is the rich desktop client for SharePoint 2010 that helps users to work together, even when they’re not connected to a network. When users work offline, SharePoint Workspace caches any changes and automatically synchronizes the changes when connected to SharePoint site. In SharePoint Workspace 2010, people can take offline the content of entire sites, including custom lists and line-of-business data, and can integrate Microsoft InfoPath 2010 forms for richer data entry and data validation.

Enhanced Search Experience

SharePoint 2010 provides thumbnail Previews, Search results Refinement such as "Did You Mean" and improved relevance.

Office Web Applications

SharePoint 2010 works with the web companions to the most popular Office applications, so users can access documents, spreadsheets, presentations and notes without worrying about whether the computer they use has the latest Office programs installed.

Multilingual User Interface

SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for those organizations that have employees across borders and speak different native languages. After site administrators install the required language packs and activate the Multilingual User Interface (MUI) service, users can switch between languages and have their sites in the language they’ve chosen. When users create new content, they can also submit translations of the content so other users can view the content in specified languages.

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