Sunday, April 15, 2012

Move/Load Scripts after page contents – (ASP.NET, SharePoint)

This post is a sub-post of Web application Performance Optimization Part 1: Optimizing JavaScript series.

ASP.NET Solution

ASP.NET Ajax "ScriptManager" provides a property "LoadScriptBeforeUI=false" to load scripts after loading the page content. But still it doesn’t move all the scripts after the content. Omar Al Zabir has an awesome solution to this problem which programmatically moves all scripts tags after form tag. This solution works for all ASP.NET out-the-box and custom script tags.

Usage Consideration

The above solution may cause behavioral changes in some cases. If any script that is using "document.write" to render content, may change the page behavior.

SharePoint Solution

SharePoint 2010 adds different script tags on every page for core, ribbon, dialog, and much other functionality. Also you can add your own custom script to fulfill your own application requirements. ScriptLink OR ClientScriptManager controls are used to add scripts and both works in same way. So we can use "defer" attribute of ScriptLink to load scripts asynchronously or after the page is ready.

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